About Modn

Modn Telecom Company is a national leader in communications and network solutions .

Modn is a telecommunications company located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specializing in the production and distribution of unified communications and network solutions. Modn is taking steady steps to be one of those leading companies in its field. Since the establishment of Modn, it has been characterized by steady and balanced growth while maintaining quality, as it seeks to establish strong relationships with companies and institutions.

About Modn
Our Message

Our Message

Facilitating communication among people in all branches of organizations and companies; to increase productivity within the team through communication solutions

Our Vision

Our Vision

Leading the Arab region and the Gulf region in communications and network solutions to transmit messages and calls across millions of devices in organizations without any problem

Our Mission

Our Mission

Helping organizations and business to be more organized and professional by supporting them with unified communication and networking solutions

Modn Milestones

Get a closer look at Modn journey and know our history and the key turning points that make us professional and unique

4 guys per 100 m² office as Integrated Office System
1st Distribution Agreement
The First Distribution Agreement for the Networking Solution
New Jeddah Office
New Khartoum Office
Sign More Distribution Agreements
Expanding to include businesses that require more users
New Cairo Office
Launching MODN Cloud System
Virtualized PBX, Network Central Management the new and future-proof business model
Our Expertise

Our Expertise

With our expertise, we provide unified communications and network solutions to small and medium businesses and organizations.

The technical team in Modn has been qualified and approved by international service providers in both the field of unified communications and networks. They are excellent experts in installing communication and network solutions, in integration with other systems, while using the best tools to solve technical problems.

All those years helped us to increase our experience effectively and develop our solutions and equipment year by year, to meet the market demand. In Modn, our pre-sales engineers provide professional advice to all our partners to select the best technology effective solutions and components.

Our culture

A successful business based on a great mentality and unique people. That what shapes Modn culture equation that leads it to be the leading company in communication and networking in the past, present, and the future.

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Our distributor

Modn grows day after day and seeking to reach each region in the world and make communication & network better. You also can help us in this mission and be part of the great story.

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Technology Partners

Know our success partners that walk with us along our journey

Technology Partners
Technology Partners
Technology Partners

Our Solutions

In Modn, we designed our solutions and products to suit all institutions and companies, regardless of their size. We are working all the time to raise our quality to meet international standards and to give our customers the optimum level of solutions.

In all of our solutions, we aim to increase the productivity of team members by providing unified communications technologies, voice and network solutions to transmit messages and calls across millions of devices in organizations.

Our Solutions

Happy Customers

We are proud to serve our solutions and products to more than 10.000 happy customers through our journey!