Fanvil X3U

322.00 ر.س.

Fanvil X6U

684.25 ر.س.

Fanvil X7A Android

1,276.50 ر.س.

Fanvil CM60 Camera

396.75 ر.س.

Fanvil X210

1,121.25 ر.س.

Fanvil X210i

1,748.00 ر.س.

Fanvil X2P

218.50 ر.س.

Fanvil X3SG

281.75 ر.س.

Fanvil X3SP

218.50 ر.س.

Fanvil X3V

362.25 ر.س.

Fanvil X4U

408.25 ر.س.

Fanvil X5U

506.00 ر.س.

Fanvil X5U-R

684.25 ر.س.

Fanvil X7

879.75 ر.س.

Fanvil X7C

776.25 ر.س.

MatjerWizard for IP-Phone

IP Phones that Cover All Your Communication Needs

IP phones or sometimes called VoIP telephones, or SIP Phones, are used to make and receive calls using IP (Internet Protocol) to transmit voice data or even videos, hence the name “VoIP”. VoIP is a great technology, one of its applications is IP Phones. 

IP Phones Advantages

  • 60% cheaper than landlines

  • Advanced Call Routing

  • Auto Attendant

  • Call Queues

  • Call Pop

  • Call Recording

  • IVR

  • Instant Messaging

  • Video Conferencing