E-commerce has become an integral, indispensable part of the global trade framework. According to Oberlo, the number of online shoppers has been growing over the past few years. In 2021, there were 900 million more digital buyers than there were in 2020—a 4.4 percent year-over-year increase. This puts a heavy load on the shipping industry for more fast delivery and 24/7 customer support.


As the COVID-19 pandemic hits, shipping and delivery companies struggle to make instant deliveries, and still, ensuring a seamless customer experience across multiple hand-offs and stakeholders in the value chain. Shipping companies need to provide a safe environment for their employees. The best and the most direct way is to have a cloud call center that provides you with cloud functionality and facilitates your communications with customers or shopper.

What Is A Cloud Call Center?

A cloud-based call center is a call center that’s totally hosted and managed on the cloud by a third-party vendor and makes use of the internet to connect callers, which offers a dual server security and saves you the hazard and the cost of maintenance. It provides a communication framework that’s easy to set up, maintain, and cost-effective. What you need to know before setting up a call center.


Unlike traditional or the non-cloud call center systems where the servers and hardware are physically located on premise, and require a professional team dedicated for maintenance which takes so much time, effort and money. Moving your communication to a cloud-based system means you can make, receive, and redirect calls from any place in the world whether you are on your desk, traveling or more importantly, working from home at a fraction of a cost.

There are a lot of terminologies and abbreviations used in call center, here's a list of commonly used ones.

Why Use a Cloud Call Center for a Shipping Company?

Whether you already have a call center in your shipping company or thinking about setting up one. The cloud solution is your next choice for a better, reliable and scalable call center system that offers optimized experience with an easy approach to fill the UC gap your business struggles in. 




Although the concept of cloud might seem complicated, you don’t have to be an expert in cloud computing to get your system up and running. You can have a system in place in a matter of hours. A cloud call center system is the ideal for remote work and in-office communication, it’s easily configurable and provides you with customers support 24/7.


Less Administrative Burden

With Yeastar cloud call center system, you don’t need to be expert in PBX systems. There’s no server required, and it’s managed and maintained by a third party on the cloud, they handle all system updates and upgrades, software maintenance and fixes. You don’t need to worry about waiting hours for an issue to resolve, which may cost you potential clients.


Any Device, Anywhere

Seamless experience and full access to business features via LinkUS Web, Mobile, and Desktop Clients. A cloud call center makes it possible for employees to work remotely and enables you to make and relieve calls on any device anywhere.

Low Cost

This is the greatest benefit of a cloud PBX, since it doesn’t require equipment, servers, ongoing updates and maintenance, your company doesn’t have to purchase any equipment and invest in an IT team.



Cloud-based systems offer a wide range of features. It supports call recording, provides spaces on demand. It also supports WebRTC. All business, telephony and call center features are provided to you out-of-box plus the cloud features.



With cloud based PBX, you can add new users on-demand to the system (or new telephone numbers) instantaneously with some click, no need to worry whether the system can handle a certain number of users or call, you can upgrade in a matter of clicks.

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Yeastar P-Series: A Complete PBX System, Plus More.

Simply put, a PBX is the hardware component that makes it possible for you to have a call center system. Yeastar made it easy to handle your internal & external communications on any device anywhere via P-Series PBX which integrates all call center functionalities and unified communications capability to put everything you for your shipping company into a single, integrated system.




Setting up a call center system for a shipping company enables you to receive customers’ inquiries about delivery time and track their orders.

P-series from Yeastar with cloud functionalities that makes your communications agile and mobile, allow for remote work without hurting the efficiency of your workflow through the monitoring and reporting tools the systems provides to you.


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