Your customers are your only valuable asset in the market, communicating with customers in a way that makes them feel supported and understood, and skilled call center agents can turn a problem into a positive experience. 

Your call center is the front line of your company, it helps increase your customer satisfaction and represents your brand professionally, it also reflects the culture of your company and the insider environment. In the process of communicating with your customer, it all comes to your call center agents and how they are skilled to handle a large volume of calls and urgent situations.

It’s not all about technology, sometimes there’s much weight on the human factor. As a telecommunication company, providing businesses with smart and integrated communication solutions, we recommend you conduct regular training for your call center agents to improve your customer support and increase customer satisfaction which in return helps build up your brand loyalty and trust, and those factors can greatly affect the buying decision. 

Check this article on why every business should have a call center.

Set up a Call Center to Guide your Decisions 

First, in order to monitor and assess your call center activities, you got to have a call center in place. A call center system is a complete and integrated center to help you efficiently manage and control inbound and outbound calls. It also offers insights on metrics to keep an eye on to evaluate your call center agents’ performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Read this article about everything you need to know about setting up a call center system and the hardware requirements for this.

A call center system offers you insights and metrics to keep an eye on to evaluate your call center activities, it provides an integrated work environment for your call center agents to efficiently manage incoming and outgoing calls and guides your decisions by providing detailed call analytics and reporting. Metrics like the number of calls handled by each agent, total and average handling time for those calls, shortest and longest handle time, the total number of calls received/made, total call duration, and more.

Train Your Team 

Training your team is an ongoing process, not just in the beginning. Ongoing training brings elements like agent training, coaching initiatives, mentorships which all result in upskilling your agents.

Super skilled call center agents are more dedicated and passionate to help customers, here are some notes to keep when training your team.

Training related to technologies and tools. You should provide training programs for your employees and call center agents on how they should use tools they have the best way to get the most out of them.

There are many terminologies and jargon in a call center, Here’s a list of the 30 most common and mostly used in call centers and what they mean.

Emphasis on Empathy

Customers want to feel cared about, they want to feel heard and understood, they aren’t customers, empathy is the new trend in customer experience. Show the customer your compassion to help, understand their situation and try to help.

Use appropriate language. Customer complaints and inquiries can get very sore, and it’s very important that your call center agent stay patient and understand the customer's frustration until their issues are resolved.

It’s also very helpful to conduct surveys from time to time to get the feedback from your customers.

Respect Your Customers’ Time

Your customers are busy, and they want their issues to be solved as soon as possible. The caller expects to be able to resolve their support issues in a time frame that’s convenient for them. 51% of consumers expect a response from a call center agent in under 5 minutes. 

Train your call center agent to reduce the time on hold the customer spends on the phone. A call center agent has to be a problem solver, able to address and approach the problems and issues customers have in a smart way.

Check these case studies about how setting up a call center system has helped many companies in different benchmarks; shipping, healthcare, pharmacy chains, and more.

Consider Agent Satisfaction

We mentioned above the customer satisfaction, your employees also must be satisfied in order to satisfy your customers. Culture matters, and the work environment accounts for a big part of delivering exceptional customer service. Stressed and overwhelmed call center agents are less likely to interact with customers respectfully.

Modn offers integrated solutions for your business to connect and communicate easily and efficiently.

Call Center Systems to efficiently manage and control inbound and outbound calls.

Access Control to control who and when someone is authorized to enter an area or a zone.

Firewall and VPN to set up secure connections to control your traffic and manage access to certain web services and websites.

Load balancing for a reliable, fast, and stable internet connection.

Wi-Fi Network to maximize performance and flexibility by setting up a wireless network.


Call center systems represent the first interaction line with your customers, it plays a big role in customer satisfaction and the ability to manage and provide better support can be your competitive edge over your competitors. Many companies focus on the technology and tools for call center, which is very important, but technology wouldn’t do any better without a qualified call center agent. Companies are starting to adopt agent satisfaction; happy and satisfied call center agents are more likely to provide better support and interact with customers in a human, respectful way.

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