Shipping is one of the fastest-growing businesses, and it can be profitable for both independent businesses and franchises. A business like shipping generates good revenue and with so many businesses importing and exporting, the need for shipping corporations is on a constant rise as well.

Some industries require having 24/7 customer support, e-commerce, shipping, and healthcare, thus investing in setting up a call center system will help any business stay available and ready for any situation, besides tremendous cost reduction of their internal or external calls.

Nowadays, the world depends heavily on online shopping, and if you’re thinking of starting your own business in shipping and logistics, this is the right time to do so.

Tip to Start Your Own Shipping Companies

Before starting your own shipping company, there are some things you should be aware of ahead of time, to plan and study the market. 

Conduct a Market Research

This is the first step you should consider when start planning your business, market research and analysis is very important before you start, you estimate the potential and the gaps of the market, perform detailed competitor analysis to see what they fall short in and what edge they have and what you can offer more.

Hire Staff

Second comes hiring the staff, and agents of your company. Staff includes technicians for maintenance of your system and others to handle customers, orders, maintain inventory, accounts, etc. Finding the right people is very difficult, and so critical for the success of your business.

Invest in Tech

Tools and technologies account for a big part of business success. As a shipping company, your business depends heavily on communication. Efficiently managing communications with your customer is what makes your business. Investing in productivity tools and technology to make your workplace more productive can cut costs dramatically and improve your customer satisfaction.

Licenses and Permits

Operating in the market of shipping or any business in general, especially in the KSA, requires some legal work to be done. Check with your city government for a full list of the required licenses and legal work, it’s to consult a lawyer for more details.

Importance of Customer Satisfaction for Shipping

Customer satisfaction is what companies compete for, customer satisfaction leads to retaining the customers for the future, they become promoters of your brand, enabling the strongest form of marketing which is word of mouth. Offering exceptional customer service across all the customer’s journey makes the customer experience memorable, and helps establish long-lasting customer relationships which lead to trust, and customers who trust you are likely to buy from you.

Customer satisfaction should be the company’s main focus. There are many things you can look at to determine how your customers are satisfied with your shipping and delivery date. You can monitor your social media, complaints, and customers’ referrals to companies’ products or services.

What is a Call Center System? 

A call center system is a complete and integrated center installed in your company or hosted on the cloud to help you efficiently manage and control inbound and outbound calls. It also offers detailed insights and metrics to keep an eye on, in order to evaluate your call center agents’ performance, and improve customer satisfaction. Many metrics like;

Call center can help any business manage their calls, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase your sales. Call center system is worth investing in if you operate in the shipping, healthcare, e-commerce, and any business that needs to handle a large volume of calls.

Setting up a call center can help you increase sales, by providing an exceptional customer experience 

Call Center System offers neat functionalities for your business to manage, control your inbound and outbound calls, with many customization options to adjust and tweak the system to suit your customers’ needs. An integrated call center system has everything you need to manage and control all your calls, moreover, it gives you insights on your agent’s performance from one side and more importantly how your customer service is being perceived by your customers. Here’s a list of the most important call center features.

Shipping companies are on top of the industries that need to set up a call center to be able to handle massive amounts of calls. A shipping call center is very crucial these days with the rise of e-commerce to handle customer requests connected with shipment tracking, delivery cost calculation, loyalty program advice, ordering additional services, and more.

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What do You Need to Set up a Call Center System? 

In order to set up a fully-functioning and fully-featured call center system, you have two options, either on-premise using hardware pieces or using a cloud-based solution. If you go with an on-premise solution, you need some pieces of hardware. 

In the case of on-premise solutions, the hardware used to set up a call center is a PBX system, IP Phones, and headsets. A PBX system is the hardware piece that enables you to make, receive and manage your calls, operating using the Internet. IP phone is another piece you should consider, connected to your PBX system and through which you receive and make calls.

Yeastar and Grandstream are the main players for PBX systems in the telecommunication market, each of which has a very rich selection with different built-in features.

Read more about Yeastar different production lines of PBX systems!

For IP phones, Fanvil is the boss. Fanvil provides businesses with high-end IP phones with a premium built quality and features to support your call center activities.

See the full list of Fanvil products on Modn Store!


In a world that depends heavily on online shopping, which requires local or even global shipping, customer expectations are constantly rising. A call center system is no option for a shipping company, to handle customer requests and inquiries, track shipment delivery, and more, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. There’s the on-premise solution and the cloud one for call center systems, you can find all devices and get associated services on Modn Store.

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