The retail landscape is highly competitive, customer expectations are getting higher and vary through all customer journey stages. A customer journey isn’t a simple process of visiting a store and buying a product, it involves stages your customers interact with you on multiple channels during their shopping journey before they decide to buy from you.

Increasing your customer satisfaction doesn’t mean completely revolutionizing your stores, but instead, making consumers bigger fans of your brand through delivering exceptional customer service. Consistency in delivering your customer service is key in increasing your customer experience, providing an omnichannel experience through all touchpoints.

Call center systems and VPN solutions are a must-have for retail stores to deliver exceptional customer support and increase customer satisfaction in return.

Customer Satisfaction in Retail

Many retail stores offer the same or similar products as you do. The thing that makes you distinct is offering proactive customer service.  Customer service starts with engagement, good communication, and engagement with your customer lead to happy customers, and happy customers are most likely to buy from you.

There are many things you can do to increase your customer satisfaction, from training your employees, focusing on the customer journey, after-sales follow-up, inquiries about the service.

One main thing any retail business can’t dispense with these days is setting up a secure and reliable network to mainstream their communications and provide holistic support to their customers. Setting up a call center system is another thing you might want to consider that enables you to make and receive calls from anywhere, anytime, allowing for remote work.

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Call Center for Retail Sector [Stores, Pharmacies, and Colleges]

A call center system is a complete and integrated center installed in your company or hosted on the cloud to help you efficiently manage and control inbound and outbound calls. It also offers detailed insights and metrics to keep an eye on, in order to evaluate your call center agents’ performance, and improve customer satisfaction. Many metrics like average call duration, time on hold, and average handling time, besides many other metrics to track.

Installing a call center system offers your business some businesses functionalities to facilitate communication with your customers or even within the company. Here

A call center system helps in receiving orders and setting up a call center system helps in receiving orders, complaints, and inquiries from customers, and following up with them after purchasing an item. A call center also helps in monitoring your employees’ activities, read more on how setting up a call center would help your business!

You have two options when you decide to choose a call center system for your system; an on-premise system or a cloud-based system.

Call Center Features

  • IVR

Interactive Voice Response is a built-in call center feature that allows your customer to interact with a computer-based phone system and take input from customers for intelligent routing decisions. Caller queries to be resolved without a live agent, which saves your business a lot of money.

  • ACD

Automatic call distribution works through requesting input from the caller. This information can be used to profile the caller and route the call to the right department or an agent with a particular skill set.

  • Smooth Integration with Your CRM

Integrating your CRM with the call center is by far the most thing to do and ensure it’s done correctly to get your customer service to the ultimate level. Integrating your call center with CRM provides a contextual overview of the interaction history with your customers, the issues they had in the past.

  • Voice Mail

Voice mail is a useful call center feature to offer personalized service. You can leave a voice message for clients during off-times or if all call center agents are busy handling other clients. So, the company doesn’t miss any calls.

  • Call Analytics

Get insights on how your call center is performing, access each agent’s performance and how much it takes them to handle a client, average call duration, and many more to assess and optimize your call center activities.

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VPN Solutions for Retail Sector

VPN stands for virtual private network, which is a technology that allows users to access a private and secure network over the internet to connect their offices. VPN has also some security benefits, it tunnels all your traffic to secure your connection. VPN works by changing your device's real IP address to an anonymous “virtual” one in order to be able to share files and data more safely.

VPN helps connect your offices together by creating a network for your business, it also provides an extra layer of security to your business. With thousands of employees working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a 3X increase in cyberattacks, and that’s because workers access company data and files through their home network.

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Modn covers all your communication and network needs through integrated services, and a store for every telecom device you might need, besides all maintenance and configuration services through highly trained and professional IT engineers.


Setting up a call center system and site-to-site VPN for a retail store is one of the things you can do to increase customer satisfaction, connecting your branches together and offering a customized caller experience. A call center offers your retail some businesses functionalities to facilitate communication with your customers. VPN makes it easy to connect your offices and branches together and be on top of what’s happening now. Modn has the technology and the tools to set up a reliable call center system and secure network.

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