Understanding your customer and how to satisfy their needs is essential for any business in business competition in the world of education, especially educational institutions. Customer satisfaction is a tool for the development and evolution of educational quality. 

Customer satisfaction is a direct indication of high service quality and in the case of the educational sector, especially in higher educational institutions, has become increasingly important for international students. One factor educational institutions might want to invest in is the technology and tools they use, setting up a call center and a secure network through VPN is necessary for the safety and security of information sharing which leads to better customer support and satisfaction.

Educational institutions have to consider that customer satisfaction is so crucial, and it’s one of the main factors and one important dimension underlying overall perceived quality that affect the decision of choosing a college over another. International schools, colleges, and other different education institutions should optimize their service quality and focus on students’ satisfaction due to the increasing number of international students.

Customer Satisfaction in Education 

Customer satisfaction is used to describe the state of comfort by customers with the quality of a product or service, it encapsulates all methods and measures that can be done in order to meet the expectations of your customers, in this case, students. 

Customer satisfaction occurs when your customer or student experiences when interacting with your organization exceeds their expectation, it is a very broad topic and includes many factors and aspects, from the quality of service to the call center agent, and in order to achieve higher student satisfaction you have to consider many things, some of which are the network your college or institutions communicate through. 

Setting up a secure and reliable network, where teachers, professors, and students communicate and share information is a huge plus to the customer service. 

A call center is another thing educational institutions can do to increase customer satisfaction by helping in setting up and scheduling appointments and supporting enrollment and admission services.

Call Center for Educational Sector [Nursery, Schools, and Colleges]

In any industry, customers always appreciate the convenience of on-time fast service, a call center system gives you the ability to staff up with skilled customer service and technical support personnel during peak volume periods. 

Enrolment and Appointment Services

A call center system helps in appointments for new enrolments and enables the institution to receive more inquiries about other administrative stuff, in return, this helps facilitate the enrolment process.

Round-the-clock Support

A call center system helps you provide round-the-clock support, for students, some international students need to always be in contact with the student service for inquiries about their tuition fees, you also need to be able to receive calls from potential students 

Modern call center systems incorporate live chat support that ensures fast and accurate responses. 

You can also integrate the call center with your CRM to get the complete history of the student calling from their first-ever interaction with your institution.

Voice & Text Emergency Response

In any urgent situation or any event of an emergency, you can directly reach out to all students calling and receiving their inquiries. You can use some neat features of the call center system to leave instructions or direct students to the right department.

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VPN solutions for Educational Institutions

VPN stands for virtual private network, which is a technology that allows users to access a private and secure network over the internet to connect their offices. VPN has also some security benefits, it tunnels all your traffic to secure your connection. VPN works by changing your device's real IP address to an anonymous “virtual” one in order to be able to share files and data more safely.

Setting and configuring a VPN for colleges and schools to connect all sites and different offices together, no matter where they are physically located. Moreover, it adds an extra layer of security to your organization or institution, you want only staff members and authorized personnelles to access files and data or send or receive information within the institution. VPN handles all of these security concerns by creating secure and encrypted internet connections.

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To connect your offices using a VPN, the first piece is the device you need to connect your offices and configurations. Modn Telecom covers all your network needs from hardware pieces to integrated VPN and call center solutions configurations. Get in touch and talk to an expert to determine what’s suitable for your business or organization.

For configuration and maintenance, Modn offers suitable packages tailored to your business needs. Modn has its own team of highly trained IT professionals and technology experts to assist you with anything.


Customer or student satisfaction accounts for a huge part of the perceived quality that affect the decision of choosing a college over another. Providing exceptional student service is essential, from admissions support to graduation. Setting up a call center system along with site-to-site VPN helps you connect all sites and different offices together, and create a secure network for the safety of file and data sharing.

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