Shabek service by Modn to configure and set up a hosted or virtual PBX system, a phone system that is totally managed and hosted on the cloud of a third party and makes use of the internet to connect callers which offers dual server security and saves you the hazard and the cost of maintenance. 

Moving your PBX communication to a cloud-based system allows you to receive, and redirect calls from anywhere at a fraction of a cost, increasing your employee's productivity and throughput. 

Shabek service provides you with a phone login system to manage your cloud PBX through, enables you to integrate your CRM system with the cloud PBX and you can expand your storage capacity with a few clicks.

Shabek Service includes: 

  1. Phone Login System.

  2. Integration with CRM Systems.

  3. Custom Settings for Each Branch.

  4. Call Recording.

  5. On-demand Storage Capacity.

  6. Customer Support “Add-on”.

This bundle is non-commutative monthly-paid monthly-renewable.

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