Hotel Phone

Fanvil H2U

218.50 ر.س.

Fanvil H2S Phone

218.50 ر.س.

Fanvil H3

299.00 ر.س.

Fanvil H5

345.00 ر.س.

MatjerWizard for Hotel Phone

Hotel Phones to Offer the Best Customer Service for Your Residents

Because it’s important for hotels to deliver the best experience for residents, one aspect is the service they provide for their customers; this service can’t be at its best form without a stylish, contemporary design and high voice quality along with support for integration with other communication platforms.

What Does a Hotel Phone Offer? 

  • HD Voice Quality

  • Elegant Outlook and Design

  • Programmable Keys for Service Hotlines

  • Voice Messages

  • Budget-friendly