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Fanvil’s High-end Phones to Help Businesses Create The Best Customer Experience

IP Phones inherits the rich experience of VoIP technology to help your employees manage their communications effectively to increase their productivity and keep your customers satisfied. Fanvil provides businesses with tools they need to build a robust in house communication system that serves your needs.

Fanvil Phones

Fanvil IP Phones main and the latest series of Fanvil IP Phone is the X series. From this series, Fanvil started to adopt the colored screen display in all models, in addition offering a second display in some other models. The X-series covers a full-range of business needs from the entry level to enterprise phone to meet all the needs of business users for communications equipment.

X-series with one display screen, Fanvil X3SG, Fanvil X7C, Fanvil X7A, and  Fanvil X7.

X-series with two display screens, Fanvil X4U, Fanvil X5U, Fanvil X210, Fanvil X210i and more. 

Fanvil Hotel Phones, the H series for hotels phones designed to give your residents and employees the best user experience with a stylish design and compact style with premium material. H-Series includes Fanvil H2S, Fanvil H5, Fanvil H2U and Fanvil H3.

Advantages of Fanvil Phones?

  • Promotes Scalability

  • Offers High Voice Quality

  • Features Rich

  • Cost-efficiency

  • Video Calls

As a Fanvil official and only authorized distributor agent in the K.S.A. Modn covers the entire Saudi kingdom with multiple offices and distribution centers in Riyadh (Two centers), in Jeddah, and Al Khobar.