Call more, Pay less
With a PBX System to Make Your Communications Agile and Mobile.

VoIP PBX to manage and control incoming and outgoing calls with business-grade features to bring your communications to the next level.

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IP PBX to make and receive more calls cheaper and with better quality

IP PBX is the ideal go-to for SMEs, providing advanced phone system features like mobility, call forwarding, call routing, and conferencing functionalities. It gives you complete control and flexibility over your telephony system, there are sets of integrations and adds-on to extend the functionality and level up your system. PBX is the main piece of the puzzle when setting up a telephony system, or a call center. Most recent PBX systems offer the option to manage voicemail, auto-attendant, recorded messages, conference calling, voicemail to e-mail, call monitoring and screening… and more essential business features.


IP PBX supports your business growth. Upgrade and scale up your system through deploying adds-on and modules.

Remote Management

Manage your system remotely from anywhere on any device using an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface.

CRM Integration

Get a complete picture and overview of the customer who is calling, their interaction history and more.

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What does a VoIP PBX System Offer?

  • Flexible auto-response tree that meets all needs.
  • Linking all facility sites to a unified central to facilitate access.
  • Supports all TLS / TCP / UDP protocols
  • Recording of calls / conference calls / video calls
  • In addition to all the features of exchanges, they are easy to maintain and adjust.

How Does a PBX System Work?

PBX systems operate using the VoIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for the most recent PBX or the old-fashioned via analog or digital phone lines. Setting up a PBX system cut your communication costs by nearly half, the physical phone line coming into your business can be split into multiple lines, each one connected to an IP Phone or an extension, allowing you to support more telephones. Better yet, calls between your employees are free, because it makes use of the internet to make and receive calls. A PBX enables you to have an internal phone system and use fewer phone lines from the service provider. On top PBX manufacturers that prove to be industry leaders in the telecommunication industry; Yeastar and Grandstream.

When picking a PBX solution for your business, you have two options, an on-premise solution, or hosted PBX system, both offer the same functionalities and share common business features yet cloud PBX or often called a hosted PBX system doesn’t require hardware installation at your office, all configuration and maintenance are handled for you by the provider.