Running a business is all about creating a workplace for efficiency, improving productivity, and safely sharing information and files. Computer network infrastructure is the backbone of your business operations, now more than ever, setting up a firewall is critical to your business success and growth.

Your company spans many buildings, or you are operating overseas, and you want to connect your branches altogether by a network where you can monitor and control your traffic. A firewall is very important to your network security measure; it acts as an intermediary or wall of separation between the insecure internet and your secure internal network of devices.

Understanding the benefits of setting a firewall for your business security is the first step in helping your business grow safely.

One key aspect of network security is the hardware you use, the devices you use to set up your network. Picking the right firewall router for your network can protect you against network penetration threats. Of course, there are many options to choose from, and in this article, we go through firewall advantages and what you need to set up one.

What is Firewall? 

Simply put, a firewall is a piece of hardware or software that acts as a wall between your internal network and the insecure internet, by which you control and prevent traffic that might be suspicious or contain malware from entering your network by setting predefined rules to manage the traffic that gets into your computer network. 

A firewall can be positioned anywhere within a LAN or WAN. They are either software running on general-purpose hardware or dedicated hardware appliances.

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Why To Consider Firewall?

There are many reasons, and each one represents a challenge for your business. Here is a list of why to consider using a firewall for your business. 

Secure Connection

A firewall can provide a secure connection between two networks, tunneling your traffic via encryption from one end to another, ensuring the security of your connections with other networks.

Prevent Unauthorized Communications

Another advantage of using a firewall is to prevent any unauthorized person from getting into your network. Your company has confidential data, especially if you are operating in an area like healthcare or e-commerce. A firewall can prevent hackers and bad actors from gaining unauthorized access to your data, emails, systems, and more

Content Filtering

Modern firewall routers monitor and prevent inappropriate content from coming into your network. It also prevents virus-infected files from getting into your network.

Safety and Privacy

Setting up a firewall for your business promotes the privacy and safety of your operations. Without firewalls, your network is vulnerable to any thread, 

It’s worth mentioning here that most modern firewall routers may also offer non-firewall functionalities, such as VPN or Load-balance services.

How Modn Helps Businesses Operate Safely? 

Modn provides businesses with smart devices and integrated services to help them secure their connections and data sharing. As an authorized distributor of DrayTek -a Taiwanese manufacturer- is an award-winning, industry leader, Modn is committed to providing businesses with reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient firewall routers and load-balance routers to effectively and safely communicate and share information.

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All of the firewall Vigor routers DrayTek offers have modern built-in firewall features with administration control panels to control incoming and outgoing traffic of the network. You can check some of DrayTek Vigor models that support firewall like DrayTek Vigor 2865LAC,  DrayTek Vigor2865AC, and DrayTek Vigor 2865VAC. Also, you can browse the whole category of firewall business routers that promotes security and stability of your network, their specs, features list, and more on Modn Store.

Modn also provides consultation, maintenance, and configuration services through a highly trained IT team, with packages suitable for all.

Modn also offers training programs for resellers, training about devices and how to configure them. Modn has an academy where you can learn about the technology we are buying. We are not just selling you the product, we are teaching you everything you need to know about the tool you have purchased.

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Setting up a secure and reliable network isn’t an option these days, cyberattacks are targeting businesses. It doesn’t only keep your operation safe, it keeps them running. Setting a site-to-site VPN ensures that you have control over your network, and your file and data sharing is secure and efficient. One security measure you have to take is to set up a firewall for your network to prevent any unauthorized access and filter your content to prevent inappropriate content on your network. 

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