Communication is a critical factor for businesses nowadays, managing communication with customers with respect to efficiency and scalability is what makes your business different and can set you up for success. Effective communication is the most important part of customer service, and good communication management is key to maintaining customer relationships.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, some companies weren’t prepared for the paradigm shift in the work landscape. When it comes to managing communication, the first thing to do is to set up a cloud call center. A cloud-based call center can help make your communication mobile and enable remote work, your employee can receive and make calls anywhere, anytime at their comfort. Many companies that didn’t have cloud-based systems hit an obstacle with customer communication, even internal communication between customers.

A cloud call center helps increase your sales by being always available and always ready for any emergency and helping cut costs. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should go with a cloud solution for your call center, whether you have one or thinking of establishing a brand new call center system for your company. 

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What is a cloud call center? 

A call center is a system that enables you to handle inbound and outbound phone calls with your customers.

A cloud-based call center is a call center that’s totally hosted and managed on the cloud by a third-party vendor and makes use of the internet to connect callers, which offers dual server security and saves you from hazard and the cost of maintenance. It provides a communication framework that’s easy to set up, maintain, and cost-effective. What you need to know before setting up a call center.

Unlike traditional or non-cloud call center systems where the servers and hardware are physically located on-premise and require a professional team dedicated for maintenance which takes so much time, effort, and money. Moving your communication to a cloud-based system means you can make, receive, and redirect calls from any place in the world whether you are at your desk, traveling, or more importantly, working from home at a fraction of a cost.

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On-premise Call Center Vs Cloud Call Center


The hardware is located in the company, including PBX and IP phone extensions. This requires you to have a dedicated team for configuration, maintenance, upgrading…etc.

Needs a dedicated team or outsourcing maintenance to other IT service providers

You only have to charge the system once, and you’re good to go

Doesn’t have the functionalities to allow remote work

Require a budget

Cloud Call Center

The cloud call center provider handles everything for you

Maintenance and everything are handled for you by a third party, this removes the hassle and the cost of maintenance and configuration.

Monthly charged

Cost-effective, Flexible

Needs a dedicated team or outsourcing maintenance to other IT service provider

The cloud call center provider handles everything for you

Allow for remote work

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Why Cloud Call Center Over On-premise? 

  1. Scalability
    When choosing tools or technologies to use, scalability should always be in mind. Companies experience spikes and peaks in call volumes. Using a cloud-based call center promotes your system scalability and supports your business growth, and takes no time to upgrade your system, with a few clicks you can extend your call center capabilities.

  2. Reduce Operational Costs
    A cloud-based call center is a pay-as-you-go system where you can only pay for what you’re using instead of purchasing hardware with more or fewer functionalities than you need.

  3. Allow for Remote Work
    When the world went on lockdown, companies started to adopt WFH (work from home) work style, some companies weren’t prepared for this in terms of tools they use. A cloud-based call center enables your employee to make and receive calls anytime, anywhere, whether home or office.

  4. No Maintenance or Configuration
    Going with a cloud solution for your call center means that all configurations, maintenance, and system updates and upgrades are handled for you by the provider. Removing the hassle of urgent maintenance in critical situations.

  5. Reporting and Analytics
    Cloud call center systems provide you with all call center reporting and analytics you need to monitor and assess your call center activities. All metrics you need to evaluate your performance and evaluate your agents. 

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Some industries require having 24/7 customer support, e-commerce, shipping, and healthcare, thus investing in a cloud call center system will help them stay available and ready for any situation, besides tremendous cost reduction. If you have a business in the healthcare, read more on how setting a call center would help you!


A call center system is an integrated and complete system to manage your inbound and outbound calls. A cloud-based call center is a call center that’s totally hosted and managed over the cloud, it’s different from the on-premise call center in that you don’t need to purchase any hardware pieces, removing the hassle of installing and configuring your system. Cloud call center allows for remote work, so you can make or receive calls anytime, anywhere.

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