A call center is the company’s front line, a call center agent is the link between the company and its current and potential customers. A cloud call center is an integral part of customer service, investing in efficient cloud call center solutions and training your call center staff can set you up for success.

Businesses need to keep up with the growing customer demands, optimize their existing IT ecosystem and switch to a technology that can ensure seamless communication and offer an exceptional customer experience that helps increase your customer base and retain your existing customers.

Businesses must be prepared to adapt to different situations, for example, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, most businesses struggled to communicate with their customers in a remote work environment. A cloud call center is very crucial these days, to stay competitive in the market and increase the efficiency of your communications across the entire organization.

Why Do You Need to Set up a Cloud Call Center? 

Improved Customer Experience

A cloud call center offers a seamless customer experience, customers can interact with your brand in a multichannel fashion by unifying your communication, this in return enhances the customer journey by delivering a more personalized and tailored interaction.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency 

This might be the most important feature of a cloud call center, to be ready for any situation that might hinder the business or decrease the efficiency of your workplace. 

Installing a cloud call center covers any future situation you might hit into, given that all servers, maintenance, and upgrades are being handled for you by a third party. 

Configuring a cloud call center system enables remote work, your employees can communicate with each other, make and receive customers’ calls from their homes at their convenience. 

Another situation, during the fasting month of Ramadan, you need to make it possible for employees to work from home after breakfast, most of your employees wouldn’t be in their best shape during the fasting hours. 

Scalability and Reliability 

Configuring a cloud call center supports your business growth and promotes scalability of your system, whenever your businesses need to scale up to adapt to the increasing demand.  With a cloud call center you can scale your business in a matter of a few clicks.

Tremendous Cost Reduction

Click and start with the least configuration possible,  with no maintenance fee you need. Unlike the on-premise option, which requires you to have a fully dedicated IT team to configure and maintain your system, and if you’re experiencing a peak in your volume call, the PBX system should be completely replaced because it provides no additional extension that can adapt to your call volumes.

Increased ROI

Investing in a cloud call center is worthy, as a result of all benefits mentioned above, the money you pay for configuring a cloud call center has an ROI triple the number you invest. A study conducted on multiple call centers for medical facilities showed that every $1 invested in a call center has an ROI of $3. For more information, read this article about setting up a call center for healthcare facilities.

Yeastar P-Series PBX System for Cloud Call Center

Yeastar is the world’s leading provider of PBX systems and an innovator of Unified Communications (UC) solutions, trusted by more than 200,000 clients in 100 countries.

Yeastar P-Series is a fully-featured cloud PBX & UC solution that can support on-site, remote, and mobile workers that covers everyday communication needs, from making & receiving calls anywhere to maximizing agent productivity, empowering interactive video conferencing, and much more.

Yeastar P-Series contains three main devices; P550 PBX P560 PBX, and P570 PBX

Yeastar P550 Features

  • Users: 50

  • Max Concurrent Calls: 25

  • Max Call Center Agents: 50

  • Max FXS Ports: 8

  • Max BRI Ports: 8

  • Max GSM/4G Ports: 4

Yeastar P560 Features 

  • Users: 100 (up to 200)

  • Max Concurrent Calls: 30 (up to 60)

  • Max Analog Ports: 8

  • Max BRI Ports: 8

  • Max Cellular Ports: 4

  • Max E1/T1/J1 Ports: 1

  • External Storage: USB, HDD

Yeastar P570 Features 

  • 300/500 Users 60/120 Concurrent Calls

  • Two Gigabit Ether Port

  • USB Port + Internal HDD Slot

  • Microsoft Teams and CRMs systems

Read more on Yeastar Covers All Your Communication Needs with Top-tier PBX Systems


A cloud call center is basically a call center system that’s hosted on the cloud, meaning you can make and receive calls anywhere at any time. Configuring a cloud call center system enables remote work, your employees can communicate with each other, and make and receive customers’ calls from their homes at their convenience. It promotes scalability, and efficiency of your workflow. Yeastar provides businesses with PBX models to support cloud call center; Yeastar P550, Yeastar P560, Yeastar P570.

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