Telemarketing is the act of directly communicating with customers and prospects to pitch your products and services, either through a phone call or a web conference schedule. 

Telemarketing, often referred to as direct marketing, is a technique that uses a call center system to promote your products or services or increase your sales. Telemarketing can be helpful for a wide variety of businesses, either for-profit, non-profit, or even political parties and fundraising. Telemarketing isn’t only associated with selling, you can use it to conduct surveys and market research.

Approaching customers, and interacting with them with the purpose of selling, requires considerable time and effort, which requires you to have smart tools and solutions to effectively manage your telemarketing activities and increase the productivity of your call center agents, and more importantly, close more deals. Modn offers smart solutions of call center systems.

Call centers are designed to handle large amounts of calls, a call center system enables you to make and receive calls.

It’s important to mention that telemarketing is regulated and restricted in the United States, Canada, and some European countries.

Telemarketing for Real Estate Agents

Perhaps, this is the area where telemarketing is extensively used, many real estate agencies and brokers mainly use telemarketing to approach customers and close deals. Telemarketing promotes human interactions, customers want to interact with humans, instead of voice mails.

The salesperson will make a conversation with potential buyers and offer properties and emphasize the benefits of this building. A call center system from Modn Telecom will cover all facets of communication you might need in your real estate agency.

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Telemarketing for Market Research Agencies

Market research firms also require telemarketing to conduct surveys and collect data and insights about an industry for a client. One benefit of telemarketing for market research agencies is that they get more personalized answers than you would get using an email because a phone call connects you with people and help you get more in-depth answers

So What Is A Call Center System?

A call center system is a complete and integrated center to help you efficiently manage and control inbound and outbound calls. It also offers insights on metrics to keep an eye on to evaluate your call center agents’ performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Call Center System offers neat functionalities for your business to manage, control your inbound and outbound calls, with many customization options to adjust and tweak the system to suit your business needs.

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Advantage of Call Center Systems in Telemarketing

Call Recording

A call center system offers call recording features, you can record any call for future reference or if you want to teach call center agents how to handle some types of clients or how to deal with difficult situations.

CRM Integration

A call center system can be integrated with your CRM, it offers smooth integration with your system which helps increase your customer service, and customer support. Integrating your call centre with CRM provides an overview of the interaction history with your client, the issues they had in the past...etc.

Reporting and Analytics

A call center system offers detailed reports and insights for all your call center activities through a web-based interactive application. It provides you with some metrics to access and optimize your call center activities 

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A call center system offers a detailed monitoring dashboard for supervisors, where you can view the status of each agent, how many calls he/she managed to close and the ones that are missed, their average call duration, and more. It also enables the supervisors to get into a running call.

What Are the Types of Call Center Systems?

When setting up a call center system for your business, you have two options, on-premise solution or cloud-based solution.

On-premise call center system when the hardware is located in the company, including PBX. This requires you to have a dedicated team for configuration, maintenance, upgrading…etc. It has a benefit that it is only charged once, but it requires a budget.

Cloud-based call center system is a cost-effective, and flexible solution for setting up a call center system. It has all the functionality you might need to allow for remote work or WFH.

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Telemarketing has grown in popularity for closing deals and improving customer service, being focused on human interaction to buy and sell. A call center is essential for your telemarketing activities, whatever your industry or benchmark. All monitoring, analytics, reporting, and tracking tools are available to you with modern call centers. There are many options to consider when you decide on a call center system to go with; from in-house or on-premise or cloud options.

On-premise requires you to have control and maintain all the hardware pieces installed at your site with limitations regarding remote work, on the other hand, cloud solutions allow for remote work.

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