Your growing business needs a reliable and secure network to connect all your geographically-distributed offices and branches into one unit, even if you’re a one-office company, at some point as your business grows, you might need to expand your operations, you better be prepared for this. There's a scalable and cost-effective way to bring your branches and offices by implementing a site-to-site VPN with security and reliability in mind.

Another use case that was mandatory for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic is allowing for remote work, by implementing a VPN, you enable your employees to share data and files more efficiently plus an extra added layer of security which will make your workforce flexible and mobile.

What is VPN? And How It’d Benefit Your Business?  

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is a technology that allows users to access a private and secure network over the internet to connect your offices. VPN has also some security benefits, it tunnels all your traffic to secure your connection. VPN works by changing your device's real IP address to an anonymous “virtual” one in order to be able to share files and data more safely.

Your company might have patents or upcoming product designs, classified files, or any confidential data, operating on the internet is risky and might put your business in jeopardy. Operating on the internet without having your own private network means anyone can send you anything.  

Learn how to set a secure network for your business (why and how)

A site-to-site configuration of VPN connects two networks. This configuration expands a network across geographically disparate offices, or a group of offices to a data center installation

VPN also allow for what so-called remote access which is a VPN configuration is analogous to connecting a computer to a local area network. This configuration allows your users to work remotely and provides access to the company network.

One key aspect to network security is the hardware you use, the devices you use to set up your network. Picking the right device for your network can protect you against network penetration threats. Of course, there are many options to choose from, and here is what you need to consider in each device you choose.

Modn has all the technologies and tools to bring all your branches together to act as one unit, from VPN routers to configuration and maintenance. Modn offers a reliable and trustworthy VPN service for your business using the top-tier devices from industry leaders and globally-recognized brands, check our partner!

VPN to Connect Offices in Medical and Healthcare Sector

One area where implementing a VPN can be vital is the medical sector, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies have more than one branch, and they want the data shared between all of their branches in orders to access the patient’s history data from anywhere. 

Besides enabling access to files and patient data from any of the branches or offices you have, you can monitor any of your branch or site or see what’s happening inside, all along with added security and safety of the VPN due to its encryption and tunnelling capabilities.

VPN For Institution and Education Centers

Another area where a VPN can be important is for colleges and schools. To connect all your sites in a big organization distributed over multiple buildings. VPN will help connect all offices and branches. Not just connecting or  creating a network, but adding an extra layer of security to your organization. You want only staff members and authorized personnelles to access files and data or send or receive information within the organization or the institution. VPN handles all of this security concerns by creating secure and encrypted internet connections.

How Restaurants Can Use VPN for Their Interest 

Restaurants can benefit from using site-to-site VPN for both administrative purposes or offering a better service for their customers. Restaurants often have more than one branch, to monitor and see what’s happing and be on top of things, then a VPN is what you’re looking for!!

Requirements to Implement a VPN and Connect Your Offices

To connect your offices using site-to-site VPN, you need two things ; first is the device, or the router to connect your offices or branches. Modn has an active partnership with DrayTek -a Taiwanese IoT manufacturer- that designs a business-class VPN routers and provides other security functionalities built-in in their routers. Vigor Series has VPN built-in, supports up to 2 concurrent VPN tunnels.

Read more on how DrayTek covers everything you need to set up a secure network! 

The second part comes the configuration; and they are as important as the product you purchase.  You have two options; to hire your own in-house IT team if you don’t have one, which is kinda costly to hire experts. And the second option is to hire a company to do it for you. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a technical support company is the cost savings, and round-the-clock support, and you can scale up very easily.


A computer network is essential for any business, nowadays, A site-to-site configuration of VPN to connect two or more networks is essential for any business. This configuration expands a network across geographically disparate offices or a group of offices to a data center installation. VPN also allows for remote access, you can access and share information in a secure manner. Site-to-site VPN is essential for many businesses and benchmarks including healthcare, restaurants, and educational institutions. 

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