Communications have evolved dramatically over the last few years. Nowadays, it has become an integral part of any business in different kinds of industries. Businesses that use communications in their day-to-day operations can benefit from setting up a call center system, whether it’s a startup, a growing company or a well-established company, operating in fashion or technology. At some point, you’ll need to set up a call center system.

Setting up a call center system makes it possible for the company to deliver superior customer support. It provides an integrated work environment for the sales team to efficiently manage incoming and outgoing calls. It also enables you to redirect calls to a specific department in the company, along with many other features.

In this article, I’ll share with you some information you need to know about setting up a call center system; why to use these systems, how to set up one in your company, and the benefits you’ll get from having these systems

What Is a Call Center System? 

A call center system is a complete and integrated center to help you efficiently manage and control inbound and outbound calls. It also offers insights on metrics to keep an eye on to evaluate your call center agents’ performance and improve customer satisfaction.

5 Reasons to Set Up a Call Center Systems 

There are many reasons why to set up a call center system; it builds customer loyalty, increases customer satisfaction and creates an end-to-end experience for the customer, which ultimately leads to higher conversions. Here are 5 reasons to consider setting up a call center system.

  1. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
    Sometimes, the sales team gets some questions very often, or customers simply want to know some basic information like your company’s location and working hours. In this case, IVR is a go-to solution to save the sales team time to answer other customers.

    Another use case for IVR is to keep customers up-to-date with the latest offers and share the company’s latest news and updates.

  2. Smooth integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    You can integrate your call center system with CRM to have a context about the customer who’s calling, like his/her interaction history with the company, and issues they had in the past.

  3. Reports of ingoing and outgoing calls
    Detailed reports and insights for all call center activities, call volumes, time clients stay on hold, how many calls each agent has managed, answered, missed calls, and many more.

    This data will help executives make informed decisions on whether to expand their sales team, evaluate and improve their employees’ performance to provide better support to their clients.

  4. Voice Mail
    Like any voice mail service, with a call center system you can leave a voice message for clients during off times or if all call center agents are busy handling other clients. So, the company doesn’t miss any calls.

Who Needs to Set Up a Call Center System?

Nowadays, most companies use different technologies and tools to build communication channels for their customers, especially if it’s a multinational company. Setting up a call center system is essential in some businesses than others.

E-Commerce Businesses 

Setting up a call center system for an e-commerce business to manage incoming and outgoing calls is crucial. It can be beneficial in two ways:
1. Cost-efficiency:
it’s your budget-friendly alternative to traditional landlines.

      2. Identifying gaps in company-customer communication through the instant reports and feedback that customers provide, which helps spot areas you need to improve.

If you're thinking of starting a call center, or establish an outsourcing call center, read this blog

Hotels and Restaurant 

Hotels and restaurants are -by far- two businesses that should set up a call center system, basically because they offer services that are tangible and valuable for customers. Moreover, this industry is quite competitive. You need to keep customers satisfied and be ready to solve their problems in no time.

Setting a call center system in hotels and restaurants can help in multiple ways:

1. Manage and receive incoming calls.

2. You can have all customers’ data stored to be accessed later on when they call again.

3. Share the company’s updates and pitch the latest offers to them through promotional content delivered via voice massages while they are on hold.

Call Center for Health Care 

Setting up a call center system for hospitals and infirmaries offers premium support for your clients. Having such systems, you can:

1. Measure how well the business is doing in comparison with last month or quarter through evaluating sales team performance by keeping track of some metrics such as numbers of calls received, types of calls, whether it’s a reservation or raising an issue.

2. You can provide the patients with instant information they need, such as hospital location and working hours…etc.

To know all how a call center system can impact your healthcare, read this article, 7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Call Center for Your Healthcare Facility.

Shipping Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic was the alert for companies with below medium-level customer service, people -including the old- started to heavily depend on online shopping which set the bar high for the competition between shipping companies.

Setting up a call center system for a shipping company enables you to receive customers’ inquiries about delivery time and tracking their orders. Get yourself familiar with terminologies and abbreviations used in call center by reading this blog.

How To Set Up a Call Center System

Here are some steps to follow to have a professional call center system:

  1. Decide on a budget
    This is the first element you should consider when setting up a call center, you need to keep in mind the company’s resources and how much you are able to invest in a call center system.
    Setting up a call center that makes customers satisfied with the support they get, and if they're happy, they’ll likely buy from you.

    Let Modn do the heavy lifting for you, we’ll get you a system that is best aligned with your needs at the right price for you.

  2. The Technology to Use
    Many options drive confusion. So, settling on a technology or a device to use is critical to the success of your call center.
    Modn offers some options from our industry-leading partners to choose from
    IP-PBX from Yeastar for VoIP and call center
    IP-Phones and headphones from Fanvil
    Routers to connect your branches from DrayTek

  3. Train Your Team
    Training a team is very important, you should provide them with all necessary training to use and make the best out of the tools provided to them. Your call center agents should be equipped with some skills like:

    a. Speaking the same language as your clients;
    b. Ability to solve problems, because typically customers will come to you with issues that need to be resolved;
    c. Persuasive and resilient individuals;

  4. Evaluate and optimize
    Evaluate how efficient you are in meeting customers' expectations; this is easy thanks to instant reports that come with the call center system.


At Modn Telecom, we have strong relationships with our industry-pioneering partners to make communication easier for businesses and facilitate how information is shared with customers. Communication isn’t something you should worry about any more; we can get you a call center system up and running in a matter of 3 workdays.

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