Save money and communicate better through VoIP technology

A feature-rich, robust and reliable VoIP system that offers seamless integration with your business system in order to have a unified communication system.

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An Integrated VoIP System for Effective Communication

 VoIP system to facilitate communication for different industrial benchmarks. Modn combines the knowledge and the expertise to help businesses communicate more efficiently with their customers or employees communicating within the company. Modn has the technology and the tools to get you a fully functioning VoIP system up and running, from IP phones  to PBXs  and accessories, effective communication shouldn’t be something to worry about anymore.


IP PBX to manage and control incoming and outgoing calls with business-grade features, that support scalability and reliability.  Bring your communications to the next level with.

Call Center

Call center system to manage your incoming and outgoing call with all business features you need. Integrate it with your CRM to deliver a customized caller experience.

IP Paging

Announcements and instructions should be heard clearly. IP announcement system to broadcast your messages and instructions to all your networks without the need to be wired connected.

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VoIP Advantages For Businesses?

VoIP offers great business features for many business verticals.

  • Reduce costs dramatically

  • Increase scalability and accessibility

  • HD voice quality

  • Advanced features for small and large enterprises

What is VoIP Technology?

VoIP stands for Voice Over IP, and it’s a group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks through which voice data is transmitted as digital data using the Internet Protocol to make and receive voice data instead of the old-fashioned public switched telephone network (PSTN), enabling businesses to communicate more efficiently and increase the productivity of your team. VoIP technology helps reduce communication costs, and maximize your employee productivity