Customers nowadays are expecting more than just high-quality products or services at fair prices, customer expectations have gone so far; they are expecting to have a personalized experience with every interaction in a consistent manner.  Especially if your business is operating in a vital industry like healthcare.

According to Microsoft, 54% of customers have higher expectations for customer service today compared to one year ago. Customer experience has become a key differentiator among small businesses and big corporates, ensuring that your organization is on the way to delivering personalized interactions throughout the customer journey is crucial to your success. A call center system provides holistic support for your customers, along with many other business features that will help you monitor and assess your call center activities.

A more recent study found that 80% of customers now consider the experience a company provides to be as important as its products and services. This represents an opportunity for businesses, especially smaller ones, to have an edge over the competitor, literally customer experience is the table stake for businesses.

Call Center and Customer Experience 

A call center system is a complete and integrated center to help you efficiently manage and control inbound and outbound calls for your medical facility. It also offers insights on metrics to keep an eye on, in order to evaluate your call centre agents’ performance, and improve customer satisfaction.

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A call centre comes on top of what you can do to deliver exceptional customer service and thus enhance the user experience. Setting up a call center system can dramatically increase your customer service through out-of-the-box business features that a call center provides. 

How Would a Call Center Help You Improve Your Customer Experience?

Call Center System offers neat functionalities for your business to manage, control your inbound and outbound calls, with many customization options to adjust and tweak the system to suit your customers’ needs. An integrated call center system has everything you need to manage and control all your calls, moreover, it gives you insights on your agent’s performance from one side and more importantly how your customer service is being perceived by your customers. Here’s a list of the most important call centre features.

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  1. IVR

Interactive Voice Response is a built-in call center feature that allows your customer to interact with a computer-based phone system and take input from customers for intelligent routing decisions. Using IVR allows callers' queries to be resolved without a live agent which saves your business a lot of money, the user finds this convenient that answers to their questions are prepared ahead. Another useful use case for IVR is to announce and share your latest updates and offers.

  1. ACD
    Automatic call distribution works through requesting input from the caller. This information can be used to profile the caller and route the call to the right department or an agent with a particular skill set.
    Any call center has this functionality, but configuring it can make or break this feature. Let Modn do the heavy lifting for you, get the best utilization of this feature!

  1. Smooth Integration with Your CRM
    Integrating your CRM with the call center is by far the most thing to do and ensure it’s done correctly to get your customer service to the ultimate level. Integrating your call centre with CRM provides a contextual overview of the interaction history with your customers, the issues they had in the past.

  2. Voice Mail
    Voice mail is a useful call center feature to offer personalized service and maintain availability. You can leave a voice message for clients during off-times or if all call center agents are busy handling other clients. So, the company doesn’t miss any calls.

  3. Call Analytics
    Get insights on how your call center is performing, access each agent’s performance and how much it takes them to handle a client, average call duration, and many more to assess and optimize your call canter activities. By keeping an eye on your call center performance, you ensure that the support your customers get is satisfying and fulfilling

Tips To Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

The demand for exceptional customer service is growing, especially in today’s world where there are plenty of options customers can choose from, and the competition is very high among businesses. Nothing can hurt your brand than a bad experience someone had when they interacted with you. Here are some tips to help you avoid common mistakes most companies do!

  1.  Train Your Team
    Investing in the human element is as much important as investing in tools and technology, even sometimes more important than anything. Humans want to interact and talk to humans. Training your team is the thing that could make your call center and the service you provide exceptional and unforgettable.

  2. Personalize the Experience
    People hate “templatization”, the same message for all, they are concerned about their decision to buy or often frustrated when they have an issue, they want to see your interest in solving their issues. You can apply the personalization approach by using the customer’s name in conversations, pushing the right newsletter to them with offers that are tailored to their needs…etc.

  3. Fast Resolution Time
    You might be operating in a B2B business that requires you to quickly solve your clients’ issues or in a highly vital industry like healthcare, for example, your resolution time matters a lot and may even cost you customers. Statista found that 18% of customers expected a response from a company’s social media within one hour.

  4. Surveys and Questionary
    Conduct surveys from time to time to help you spot areas you need to improve, or it might present a new opportunity for you. Access how your customers are satisfied with the service they get. This helps build a bond between your brand and your customers, that you’re caring for them, which will lead to trust, and eventually trust leads to higher profits. 

Final Words

Customer expectations and meeting them with exceptional customer service is the new trend in business nowadays. There’s a direct correlation between customer service and call center. Setting up a call center system with well-trained agents can set you up for success and help exceed your customer expectations.

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