Yeastar TG400L GSM Gateway

6,141.00 ر.س.

Yeastar TG400L GSM Gateway

  • 6,141.00 ر.س.

  • Brand: Yeastar
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  • Product Code:Yeastar TG400L

Yeastar TG400L is a VoIP GSM/3G/4G gateway, connecting it to your VoIP network enables you to make two-way communications. Yeastar TG400L can be used to increase your capacity to receive larger volumes of calls. With support for 4 LTE ports and support for many voice codecs, Yeastar TG400L is the best fallback solution when the landline goes down.

Yeastar TG400L GSM Gateway Features

  • GSM Voice Calls

  • VoLTE for HD Calls

  • Mobile Connectivity for SMB

  • Top Quality and Reliability

  • Maximum Cost Reduction

Yeastar TG400L GSM Gateway Specs

  • LTE VoIP Gateway 

  • 4 x LTE Port 

  • 2 x 10/100 Ether Port 

  • Voice Codec : G.711 A/u-law, G.726, G.729 A, GSM, Speex

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