Modn Telecom is a leading telecommunications company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specialized in the distribution of unified communication and network devices. Modn is service provider and an exclusive distributor for many globally-recognized brands in the KSA; Fanvil, Yeastar, DrayTek, Ruiji and Grandstream.

Modn Store is where you can find every network and VoIP device. Since its establishment, Modn has been characterized by steady and balanced growth while maintaining quality, as it seeks to establish strong relationships with companies and institutions.

As a distributor to global brands that are leading the market, we have the capability to cover all your business needs, and make you a customised system that suits your business. With great selections of VoIP and network products. Modn also offers VoIP solutions to keep your employees connected, and communicate efficiently and network solutions to build a secure and reliable network.

Why Modn Store Should be Your #1 Choice?

In the telecommunication market, when you decide to buy some network or VoIP for your business, you have many options. Modn Store is your go-to option for these reasons:

Any VoIP and Network Devices

Modn store covers all business needs for network and communication devices, it provides you with all devices you might need for your communication from world-wide known brands; anything related to networking and telecommunication can be found on Modn store; IP PBX, Routers, Access Points, Switches, IP Phones, Hotel Phones, Headsets and all other network accessories.

Our product catalog has a diverse and very rich selection of network and telecommunication devices from top industry leaders, well respected and globally recognized in the market. 

Successful Partnership with Telecommunication Industry Leaders 

Since the establishment of Modn, it’s been characterized by steady growth while maintaining stability and focusing on quality of the service we offer. We are committed to deliver high-quality top-tier services and products for our clients, that’s why we maintain close partnership with the world’s leading technology innovators in the telecommunication industry. 

Brands that are globally-regarded, and well-respected, are shaping the telecommunication industry. We partnered with these brands to bring their technology to the KSA, for businesses to easily and efficiently communicate. 

Fanvil is a globally recognized high-end tech company, based in China, with a profile of patents and intellectual property rights among its competitors. Fanvil has won many international awards for its unparalleled technology. It’s leading the next generation of communications. For more information about how Fanvil is helping businesses with VoIP and IoT devices, read this blog.

DrayTek for network devices, a Taiwanese manufacturer providing businesses with reliable, scalable and budget-friendly products to effectively communicate and share information. DrayTek focuses on two core things; security and reliability for business. For more information about draytek products, read this blog.

Yeastar, provider for PBX systems and call center solutions, is trusted by more than 200,000 businesses in more than 100 countries. Yeastar is on a mission to facilitate your business connections, faster connectivity, and to optimize your workplace to enhance productivity. High-end PBX system to  better connect with your customers and enable your employee to work remotely. Read more about Yeastar and their products on Modn Blog!

Grandstream is a key player in the telecommunication market, helping businesses be more productive and increasing collaboration among team members with budget-friendly devices that serves a wide variety of businesses in different verticals. Based in Boston, USA, with coverage of over 149 more countries all over the world. Read this blog if you want to know what Grandstream got to offer your business.

Return and Refund Policy 

Our top priority is our customer satisfaction, If, for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with a purchase you’ve made on our Store. We invite you to review our policy on returns and refunds. Check our refund policy, and if you have any questions, you are most welcome to contact us on our Contact Us page.

Fast Shipping

We understand that your business depends on technology and tools, so we ensure that you get your items as soon as possible with usual COVID-19 precautions, to ensure the safety of you and our team, the handing will be contactless. Check out COVID-19 response page 

Serving Multiple Business Verticals in the KSA

Modn has helped many businesses in different industries transform their communication systems for the better. Our tools and technology help businesses make the most out of their employees and enhance productivity of their workplace. Healthcare facilities, shipping companies and startups. Check those case studies for more information about how Modn is serving multiple clients in different industries through its innovative solutions.

Not Just a Normal “Store”, But Integrated Service Provider

Modn store isn’t just a typical “e-commerce” website, it’s a place where you can buy network and VoIP products, make inquiries that will be answered by our IT specialists, we handle maintenance, and configurations, and if you want to get trainings about devices, Modn has an academy where you can learn about the technology we are buying. We are not just selling you the product, we are teaching you everything you need to know about the tool you have purchased. 

We offer solutions and all product-related services; maintenance, configuration, and upgrades, through our Sanady and Shabek Service with bundles suitable to all. We also offer training programs where resellers and even regular users can learn about products they have purchased.


Modn Telecom is more than just a typical store where you can find all your network and communication devices. Additionally, Modn provides SMEs with smart and innovative communication and network solutions to help businesses streamline their communications with security and reliability in mind. Modn also provides you with all product-associated services from implementation, configuration, and maintenance.

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