Load Balance

Stable Internet Connection for Your Business Operations.

Balancing traffic through your multiple internet connections to increase the internet speed and reduce network downtime.

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Having a reliable, fast, and stable internet connection is crucial for your business.

Load-balance to reduce network downtime and increase the flexibility and efficiency.  Balance your traffic across two or more WANs in order to spread out the amount of bandwidth used by each LAN user, thus increasing the total amount of bandwidth available. This feature promotes stability and thus reliability in your network.

Traffic Distribution

Load sharing of traffic among multiple Broadband connections.

 Multiple Sources

Integrate more than one source:  XDSL/FIBER/5G.


Promote your network stability and prevent network interruption.

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Benefits of Load-Balance

  • Ability to integrate different speeds from multiple xDSL / Fiber / 5G sources.
  • Enable to exclude some objectives from the merger, such as bank sites.
  • Ability to control the speed of users or groups in networks.
  • Ability to direct data according to users or according to applications.