IP Paging system

Broadcast Your Message Efficiently, With an Integrated Announcement System.

Announcements and instructions should be heard clearly. IP announcement system to broadcast your messages to all your networks without the need to be wired connected.

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Let your employees hear your messages and announcements clearly

Paging system that integrates with your office phones system and PBX, useful for emergency alerts, employee notifications, announcements and reminders.


Reach your employees using existing IP phone systems.


Divide the system into domains or groups.

Duplex Mode

Allow all users in the group to talk and be heard by all.

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Benefits of an IP Paging System
  • It’s linked with the PBX system or SOS.

  • The possibility of converting old paging systems to IP.

  • The ability to distribute and divide the system into domains or groups.

  • Increase the range of your paging without any wires.