Fanvil IW30

1,288.00 ر.س.

Fanvil IW30

  • 1,288.00 ر.س.

  • Brand: Fanvil
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Fanvil iW30 is a SIP Speaker with standard IP/RTP voice transmission protocol and compatible with all main SIP-based IP PBX /Softswitch/IMS platforms. It supports third party's telephony system to achieve the combination system including telephony, broadcasting and intercom for the application scenarios like office, school, hotel and supermarket.

Fanvil iW30 Feature List

  • Compatible with standard SIP (RFC3261) protocol and main IP PBX/IMS platforms 

  • Built-in Hi-Fi 30W speaker

  • Adaptive output power according to the power supply voltage(10W~30W)

  • Video linkage with IP camera to monitor on-site during broadcasting

  • Volume adjustment via online remotely

Fanvil iW30 Specifications

  • 2 SIP lines

  • PoE enabled (Power Over Ethernet)

  • Wall-mounted installation

  • A built-in audio output to connect external speaker

  • Support external power supply

  • Industry certification: CE/FCC

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