Business growth and success greatly depend on earning customers and thus increasing sales. Whether it’s a product, a service, or just information, everyone has something to sell.  

Some business owners wonder if there is something specific they can do to increase their sales. In the VoIP and Network industry, whether you are a manufacturer or an authorized distributor, there are many challenges in the market, and the market is highly competitive. Especially, it’s a B2B industry and the buying action isn’t a one-man decision.

In this article, we will tackle challenges and introduce tips to help you increase your customer base and thus increase your sales of VoIP and Network devices. 

How to Increase Your VoIP and Network Sales? 

  1. Pick a high profile vendor

  2. Hire a qualified sales team

  3. Plan your go-to-market strategy, invest in digital marketing

  4. Participate in events and meetups

  5. Offer multiple payment methods

  6. Improve your pricing plans, offers, and discounts

  7. After-sale services 

Pick a High Profile Vendor

Choosing a high-profile brand to get your products from is the first thing to do, and in the world of VoIP and Network, there are many brands to choose from, each one having multiple product lines. High profile means it’s globally well-recognized and has a fairly good market share, and there’s some kind of demand for it.

In the Saudi market, there are some key players in the telecommunication industry, most of them are targeting small and medium-sized businesses, and some of them provide their services to big corporates and governmental institutions. 

Grandstream helps businesses be more productive and increases collaboration among team members with budget-friendly IP PBX that serves a wide variety of businesses in different verticals.
Read this blog if you want to know what Grandstream got to offer your business!

Yeastar, a provider for PBX systems and call center solutions, is on a mission to facilitate your business connections, faster connectivity, and optimize your workplace to enhance productivity.

Read more about Yeastar and its products on Modn Blog!

DrayTek for network devices offers reliable, scalable, and budget-friendly routers, switches, and access points to effectively communicate and share information. 

For more information about DrayTek products, read this blog!

Hire a Qualified Sales Team

It’s important to hire the right team to drive sales, a highly qualified team to close deals, and providing them with regular training is necessary. Not just sales or communication skills, but also technical details of the product or the service you offer, to be able to answer inquiries and questions customers have.

Plan Your go-to-market Strategy, Invest in Digital Marketing

Invest some time and money in understanding your competitors, what are their strategies? What edge do you have over them? What things you can do better? Do they have a website, what about their social media channels...etc

You can never get your spot in the market without understanding the market and performing market research and market analysis.

You might also want to consider opening an online store, you’ll be amazed by the results you’ll get from starting an online store for VoIP and Network devices. Check this article on the steps to start your VoIP and CCTV store in the KSA!

Participate in Events and Meetups

This one is how you find new business partners, expand your network, and get insights on the industry, there are some tech summits and events in the KSA you might want to check the calendar for them.

Offer multiple payment methods

Although it might seem trivial, this tip is very crucial and can affect someone’s buying decision. Offering multiple methods of payment can help facilitate the buying decision and create a smoother experience for your customers.

Improve Your Pricing Plans, Offers, and Discounts

Offers and discounts have many advantages that would increase your sales. Budget-conscious consumers tend to buy during offers and discounts. Discounts can help move stock and attract new or inactive customers, and there are many ways to set your discount or offer. For example, offering discounts from time to time in the form of a percentage discount, cashback, or discount on a specific target.

After-sale Services 

After-sales services for VoIP and Network devices mean any kind of support the customer gets after purchasing a VoIP or network product or a service. It can be your competitive edge over your competitors, providing instant technical support and consultation services shows how much you care about your customers, and this increases their loyalty to you and your brand.


Earning new customers and increasing your sales requires well-studied steps. Starting from choosing a high-profile vendor, and hiring the right team to your after-sales services. There are major players in the Saudi market for VoIP and Network products. Digital marketing is highly important to promote your products and create new sales channels. Also, contests, credit points, and discounts help so much if you want to sell a stock of products you have.

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