Modn Telecom For Smart Communication and Network Solutions

Transforming the way businesses used to communicate with communication and network solutions and products from top-tier industry leaders to make your communication fast and efficient.


What We Offer?


Everything your business needs.

Modn Telecom store provides you with all devices you might need for your communication from world-wide known brands; anything related to networking and telecommunication can be found on Modn store; IP PBX, Routers, Access Points, Switches, IP Phones, Hotel Phones, Headsets and all other network accessories.


Our product catalog has a diverse and very rich selection of network and telecommunication devices from top industry leaders, well respected and globally recognized in the market.


Yeastar for IP PBX systems and modules. Yeastar has two main series for PBX systems;  S-Series and P-Series. 

DrayTek for Routers, Access Points and Switches. DrayTek ensures that their products are designed to meet all business needs, featuring security and scalability in every device they make.

Fanvil for anything related to telephony systems from IP Phones, Hotel Phones to Intercoms and Headsets. Fanvil products are well-known for being scalable, feature-rich and budget-friendly.

Ruijie, for Switches of Surveillance camera. Ruijie Switches offer flexible hybrid management tools, and hassle-free authentication.


Modn’s Solutions


Modn also offers integrated solutions for your business to connect and communicate easily and efficiently.

Call Center Systems to efficiently manage and control inbound and outbound calls.

Access Control to control who and when someone is authorized to enter an area or a zone.

Firewall and VPN to set up secure connections to control your traffic and manage access to certain web services and websites.

Load balancing for a reliable, fast, and stable internet connection.

Wi-Fi Network to maximize performance and flexibility by setting up a wireless network.

Keep safe, and read about Modn’s COVID-19 Policy. Stay home and shop for all your business essentials, and we will have it delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible with contactless delivery to ensure safety for you and our employees.